Progressive Political Hope?

Times are sure tough for progressives in this political climate. The Republicans took back the House of Representatives on Tuesday, and progressives in Governor’s offices and state houses across the country took a drubbing. But there are still glimmers of hope: Martin O’Malley held off his Republican challenger to win four more years as Governor [...]

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Sheep Castration, Peripeteia and the Death of Real Work

Mike Rowe of Discovery’s “Dirty Jobs” waxes on sheep castration as a comment on accepted orthodoxy and conventional wisdom. He touches on the notion of peripeteia, or that “eureka moment” when you realize what you “know” has been contradicted by fact. Check it out:

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Ruffian Dick was the name given to the great explorer and linguist Richard Burton by his fellow soldiers in the British Army in India for his “demonic ferocity as a fighter”. It is his demonic ferocity for learning that I admire, and it is that to which this blog is dedicated.